About the project

“Italian comic creator Mirka Andolfo, known for work on DC’s Bombshells and Hex Wives — not to mention, her own Unnatural — has the perfect hook for her upcoming new horror series, Mercy: It’s Penny Dreadful meets Dark Shadows. If that’s not enough to entice readers to the feminist take on the gothic monster genre, she’s got something else up her sleeve: A live-action trailer.

Mercy is set in the fictional town of Woodsburgh during the Klondike Gold Rush, where there’s more to the town’s so-called inhuman woman Lady Hellaine than meets the eye, as her faithful butler Mr. Goodwill knows all too well.

The miniseries will roll out internationally across the next year, starting with Andolfo’s native Italy, where Panini will debut the series in November. From there, the book will be published in 2020 by both Glénat in French, and Image Comics in English.

The live-action trailer for the project, written by Diego Malara and directed by Andrea Scaglione, features Alessandra Corradini as Lady Hellaine and Nicola Nocella as the priest. Steve Orlando provided the English language script, with Kim Handysides and Luiz Gonzales providing the English language voices. Scaglione, Alessandro Regaldo, Davide G.G. Caci and Mirka Andolfo acted as executive producers on the short.” Grame McMillan THR The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter ha diffuso in esclusiva il trailer live action di Mercy, il nuovo fumetto di Mirka Andolfo che verrà pubblicato in Italia, Francia e Stati Uniti rispettivamente da Panini Comics, Glénat e Image Comics.

Scritto da Diego Malara e diretto da Andrea Scaglione, il corto vede Alessandra Corradini nei panni della misteriosa Lady Hellaine – la protagonista di Mercy – e Nicola Nocella in quelli di un sacerdote. Lo sceneggiatore Steve Orlando (Wonder Woman) ha tradotto i testi in inglese per il doppiaggio di Kim Handysides e Luiz Gonzales, mentre Scaglione, Alessandro Regaldo di Grey Ladder, Davide G.G. Caci e la stessa Andolfo sono accreditati come produttori esecutivi.