About the project


directed by: Lorenzo Ceva Valla, Mario Garofalo

Chloè Thill, Adele Zaglia, Adriana De Guilmi, Carlo Ponta, Marco Cacciola, Luigi Scala

screenplay: Mario Garofalo

cinematography: Federico Torres

set design: Elena Barattero

costume design: Francesca Cibischino

producer: Lorenzo Ceva Valla, Mario Garofalo, Andrea Osvart

production: Ainom Films, Amego Film, with the support of Film Commission Torino Piemonte

distribution: Obiettivo Cinema [Italy], Amego Film [Hungary]

Two sisters, Madeleine, still a child, and Sophie who is a teenager, are on vacation by the old grandmother in a country house in the province of Northern Italy.
The parents are separated. The father lives in the city and, because of his work, he shows up very little in the country house. The mother is in France, in a boat with her ​​new boyfriend.
One day grandmother feels bad. Nieces, worried, call a doctor, who, however, proves much more interested in Sophie than in the conditions of grandmother. Fearful for the fate of the old woman, the sisters go to town by their father to retrieve his duties as son and as parent.

festivals & awards:

MittelCinemaFest 2016
World Film Festival Of Bangkok 2015: Cinema Beat
Sedona International Film Festival 2016: in Competition
Dhaka International Film Festival 2016: in Competition
Piemonte Movie gLocal Film Festival 2016
Santa Marinella Film Festival 2016: Concorso – Best Debut Actress (Chloè Thill)
B.A. Film Festival 2016 2016: Concorso
VVFilmFestival 2016: Concorso
Salento International Film Festival 2016: Concorso