About the project

Directed by
Paolo Bertino
Alessandro Isetta
Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)
Paolo Bertino
Alessandro Isetta
Marco Panichella

Cinematography by
Federico Torres
Film Editing by
Enrico Giovannone
Anna Isberg
Luca Vigliani

Produced by
Maurizio Perrone

Maurizio and Luca work in a local Tv channel called Rete Unita 2. Maurizio is a resourceful young journalist while Luca is his cameraman. Concerned about the impending staff cuts and tired of the boring local news that he has to report, Maurizio decides to add a little sparkle making up the stories he has to report for the network. A little reluctantly, Luca takes part in this operation. The reports start to be more and more fake and every day they have more success. Unfortunately, between Luca and Maurizio strong conflicts about the work ethic arise. Meanwhile, the director of Rete Unita 2 discovers the falsity of the news reports. He informs Maurizio that the liability of this serious gesture will fall solely on him and it will be the ruin of his career, if the truth should come to light. The deadline for the network staff cuts is approaching and Maurizio is still among the leading candidates for the dismissal. He wants to be successful so badly, that he decides to make up his latest shocking piece of news. As Maurizio and Luca hoped, the news report is greeted from the colleagues, but this time their need for success must come to terms with their humanity.